anyone using the 28-70 f2 as a regular lens ?

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Re: anyone using the 28-70 f2 as a regular lens ?

richardperson wrote:

Nickemmano wrote:

I am too considering the lens. Most of my usage will be landscape and travel and i wonder how it feels after a long period of time. So if you have indeed rented it i would like to hear about your conclusions

I have owned this lens for a long time. The bulk in storage is more of a challenge than the weight. But, a couple considerations. If you are smaller in size, the weight will bother you a lot more. Also, if using this on a tripod for landscape, you will want a very sturdy head as the lens weight can be a lot to lock in.

I am rather big (180cm, 96 kilos) i think i can handle. The main consideration for me is that it will be my main lens during travels. If i am worried if someone steals it i will never shoot. I think a lens that big is an attention grabber

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