Is this an issue with Samyang 12mm f2.0 lens shot on Fujifilm x-t30

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Is this an issue with Samyang 12mm f2.0 lens shot on Fujifilm x-t30


I am a newbie and was interested in architecture and astro-photography. So I have started with the Fujifilm x-t30 and a Samyang 12mm f2.0 lens. I have some questions on lowlight pics I have taken recently.

The below was taken at 1600 ISO, f2.0, 25 sec exposure. There is a string of diamonds on top of the trailer body. It wasn't there when I shot, so there is some effect that is coming up on the lens. Can someone explain what is the problem, please?

Berkshires, Masachussetts

I am seeing a couple pf strange effects on another shot.

Shot at ISO 4000, f2.0 and 1/30 sec. This pic has 2 unidentifiable effects on the skyscaper above the 3rd floor, one on left, other on right.

Can those be explained?

Copley, Massachussetts

There is a third question I have. It seems from this pic below that the focus is sharp at infinity and the center of the lens, while this slowly goes down as we move to the edges of the frame. The little waterfall lets flowing in the center are in sharp focus, but the focus is blurry on the waterfall lets at the edges of the pic. And they get progressively blurry as we look towards the edges.

Is that true of such types of lenses, or I have a defective lens? Can someone please explain?

I have till Jan 31st, to ask for a return / replacement. I really like the 12mm, f2.0, so if need be, I will ask for a replacement.

Looking for your valuable advice.

Shot at 1250 ISO, f2.0 and 1/15 sec

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