Photographing with Higher MP bodies

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Re: More pixels = good even with bad lenses

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While I wait for the Z7ii release, it'll give me some time to debate whether I should invest in that body vs the Z6ii - the main driver is the ability to crop if I need to given the higher MP count, and wanting to print larger prints as well.

Other than that, it was mentioned that using a higher megapixel body will be more sensitive to motion resulting in softer images, and as well the requirement for top notch optics. In other words, it's less forgiving that using a lower MP camera.

Can anyone chime more on this?


More pixels -> more resolution. More pixels does not require a better lens or technique. The worst case scenario is that you'll get just the same resolution for the output you would get with a smaller pixel count, but in practise you'll get more details even if you shoot through a beer bottle quality glass.

You can think of it like this: the lens draws the image and all the sensor does it chops the image that has been drawn into millions of little parts - chopping it into more, smaller parts doesn't make the image the lens has already drawn any worse.

Quite simply without going into the mind-numbing discussion of it all, higher resolution sensors reveal optical imperfections to a much greater degree. So yes, higher resolution cameras do require better lenses to take advantage of that resolution. You may not actually get all of that resolution in a usable sense if the lens quality is poor, you'll have more resolution than shooting with the Z6, but image quality may not reveal as much detail as you would have expected.

This is of course true. On the other hand it is hard to find a lens which is so bad that significant increase in pixel count would not improve resolution significantly (outside of edge/corner areas). I wish I still had Industar-69, the worst lens ever - it would be fun to see how it performs on different pixel pitches

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