Possibly moving to full-frame mirrorless from m4/3’s

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Re: Some corrections

avalvo wrote:

Lots of great theory. But, photography is not about theory. It is about art and practicality.

This thread wasn't about art or whatever.

Sad, that a bit of help for the OP turns in to an equivalancy discussion.

You offered incorrect information as help and should not been corrected? Would the OP benefit from falsehoods?

I wonder how many formats you shoot in.. Hmmm. So, much defense.

Actually it's you who wend of defense - got caught in making plenty of errors in brand lust and then escaping to cliché of personal attack and goalpost moving. In the future you might push your ego aside and try to learn instead of taking things personally.

The answer us obvious. Much better time would be spent making photos.

I've shot with all kinds of formats, likely more than you. That doesn't make me any better of worse nor in the art, nor in understanding the relevance science(s).

Yes, it is a nice photo. And, I could have made it with any of the three formats I shoot. Could you?

Yes. It's a nice photo, or combination of photos, and yes I could have taken it with multiple formats, including a cell phone camera.

Weird how you painted Olympus as the best thing since sliced bread and suddenly other formats/brands can do it too... at least in your hands of course.

That is all I will say on the matter.

Usually when someone says something like this they'll come back really fast for more comments. We'll see.

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