Laptops vs pc’s

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Re: Laptops vs pc’s

I'm not exactly up to date with the best technologies, nor the best at photo editing so take this as my best disclaimer.

If you're on the go, and editing photos on a plane, the laptop wins.

But for all other conditions to PC wins. Here is why:

Color accuracy. Some of the better laptops have 70% RGB colors. That's my first problem. Good monitors are about 99-100% of sRGB and AdobeRGB.

Screen size. A 17" laptop screen is one huge heavy thing to carry around. The toolbars on the left and right side of the screen take up a lot of the screen. Having around 30" is awesome, 27" is still very good, but 17" would be tough.

Speed. My PC is far more powerful than my laptops. I'd say my macbook pro is decent, my alienware isn't very good, but my 4 year old PC is better and more stable than my newer laptops with TOTL decked out specs.

I think you may do ok for casual photo editing with either, a laptop isn't a terrible choice, but if the primary goal is to edit photos on a desk, you're going to want a real computer.

If your primary goal is to view pictures on the go, find a laptop with the color gamut.

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