Currently Pentax K-7 and few lenses - what now ?

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Re: Currently Pentax K-7 and few lenses - what now ?

Szalik wrote:

thanks for the reply.

With going to the shop the problem is that you have very limited choice.

They don't have everything on the display.

Most photos I do are up to 55mm maybe 77mm sometimes.

I have to options only.

1. Buy KP

2. Keep what I have for some tele photos and just buy a good pocket camera for 1500 USD but which one ?

'Pocketable' is a very strict criteria. You can look at the general current options for 'compact' here

but few of these are really 'pocketable.' The GRIII is, but it's not going to get you the telephoto end.

Either the KP or K-70 is going to give you a completely new world in terms of low-light capability and IQ at an affordable price.

Depends on what matters the most to you--if there were really a single camera that fit in your pocket and did everything a MILC or DSLR can do, we'd all carry it. But there isn't, so what compromises you want to make really depends on your situation and priorities.

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I just hope that everyone who's complained about the K-3iii delay actually buys one. One wonders, otherwise, about the sincerity of their complaints.

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