ISO and exposure

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Re: ISO and exposure

OK I collected my thoughts now, so here goes;

First of all, light gathering happens before iso/gain is applied, and is not exposure. It's a part of the recipe to create exposure, just like flour is a part of the recipe to make bread, but it's not bread.

Iso in a digital system is mostly just gain (multiplication of signal strength), so you could do that in post and call it "exposure adjustment" instead. But gain is gain whether you do it on a circuit in your camera or PC, and I can always multiply it with some number to tell you the equivalent iso. Adjusting iso is a setting to adjust the gain in the electric circuit, just like adjusting the f-stop dial makes the camera adjust the aperture opening: Changing iso or changing f-stop setting changes the exposure, so both are exposure settings.

Light gathering is another discussion.

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