12 vs 14 bits raw files

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Bernard Waxman wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

kenw wrote:

The difference is only in heavily pushed shadows at lower ISOs.

The difference is actually more noticeable (when it is noticeable) with regard to highlight tones the can be captured in 14-bit but not 12. Even more rare to see the dif with shadow detail tones

Actually your claim makes no sense. Areas of highlights and anything above the mid-tones use a majority of the bits and the lower bits have no noticeable effect. I would be interested in you being able to give an explanation or examples to justify your claim.


I think the trick is to find a scene where highlight detail at the edges is first a player.  A white wedding dress with lots of texture would be an example.  Then shoot/expose so that detail is right at the edge of clipping at 14-bit....then compare to same shot at 12-bit.

Then do the same for a shadow scene.  I submit that the practical dif will be more noticeable to the average viewer with the highlight detail comparison

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