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mfinley wrote:

wigginski wrote:

We recently did a road trip to Utah, Arizona and Colorado, taking in a number of National Parks. Rather than a mega post I have made one for each location. Your thoughts, questions and critique is welcome.

Unfortunately due to COVID this is as close as we could get to Monument Valley

I like the first one a lot.

Maybe not such a loss overall. It's nice to go to Monument Valley at least once, but for pure adventure and beauty for exploration and photography, everything you want is north of Monument Valley - Mexican Hat, Bluff & Blanding hold a lot more than Monument Valley can dream of and hardly anybody knows it, and all without the draconian controls limiting you and Disney like experiences.

Sounds like you had something happen to you in Monument Valley??

Monument Valley is an amazing experience. It's controled for a reason. To give the Navajo some income, and to preserve the surrounding areas from tourists that really don't care. I've been to Disney Land in CA and many times to Disney World in FL when I lived there. Monument Valley is nature at it's best, not human nature at it's worst.

I drove into Utah and to Mexican Hat. Yes, it's pretty cool, as is the un-named apparently, mountain formations behind it. But I wouldn't say it beat out Monument Valley by a long shot. We took the 17 mile loop road. I drove the posted speed limit (I always do in the Grand Canyon or other parks). But there were weiners in the bunch tailgaiting me. Yes, the Navajo residents and tour guides are strict, they stopped me when I was walking a short distance to get a better angle for a photo. But understood when I politely explained what I was doing.

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