12 vs 14 bits raw files

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plumberdp69 wrote:

Saw some web articles on the pros and cons of using 12 vs 14 bits raw. Higher data resolution in 14 bits but its usefulness is limited by what human eyes can see (in theory).

Appreciate feedback from Z users on your choice of 12 or 14 bits and why.

Use 14 bits to be on the safe side despite the larger file size?


Only time you will notice any practical difference shooting 12 vs 14 bit is when pixel peeping really deep in shots where highlight detail (and sometimes ...even rarer... in deep shadow detail) can show the difference. Exposures where this is the case will be pretty rare. Even then, the difference will be hard to notice even when printing large.

So unless you are trying to capture extremes of highlight detail that require solid processing to bring it to the final image. 99.99% of the time 12-bit is the way to go......but there are rare scenarios were 14-bit does have an practical IQ advantage. Trick is taking advantage of it in those rare cases.  Needs a well processed workflow

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