What are some of the best monitors?

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Re: What are some of the best monitors?

If your firm are paying , its dead easy...... Eizo !

Where you go in the range depends on what you want, but the CS2740 is a great place to start. £1300 They go up to several thousand for colour critical production use where high gamut colour accuracy is king. Mind you the 2740 is no slouch, with 27" 4k , wide gamut LED backlight and 99% os Adobe RGB.


I would be cautious about NEC, previously makers of amazing screens, but recently sold as a company and will new owners play nicely at the top end ?

If its a flush the account job , and you want the latest , then try looking at Dell UP3221Q

their new 4K 32" with the most amazing hi colour panel and very even backlight... .£4000 ish. If you are working on 4K material and want room for the 4K plus program tools and work areas then have a peek at the Dell 8K UP3218K , great colour with built in LUT and shows your 4K material with room for all the program tools and boxes.

Don't forget if you want to calibrate your monitor and see accurate colour on screen , then budget for an X-Rite Eye One Display calibrator. ... £200,  or for the Wide Gamut screens the Eye One Display Pro £250.

As for eye strain, I think you need to read about rest breaks and looking away from the screen to a different focal distance .... think RSI of the eyeball.

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Gear ... what I need to get the job done , after all you don't see mechanics listing their brand of spanner as a qualification .

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