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Re: Photographing old negatives / workflow

I used to have a lot of color and b&w films a couple of years ago and I wanted to digitize them. (they were all 35mm, so I bought Nikon ES2, in order to do the job - I already had the AFS 60mm 2.8G). It was too difficult to control the colour (especially for the color negatives), so I ended buying the Negative Lab Pro. I used my Nikon Z6 for this work.

- It is important to find out what is the White Balance Temprature of your lightning.

- I was always shooting RAW, but I also extracted the files to JPG after the Negative Lab Process, in order to use the as a "contact sheet".

- It takes too much time to process each photograph seperately, so I usually batch processed them using the Negative Lab Pro in order to come back and perfect my choises.

- I have used a U camera bank of my Nikon (U3), using the info I wanted. Aperture priorty at F8 (maybe you need to check the best value for Z7, considering diffraction), the colour temprature needed, IBIS off. Unfortunately, self timer wasn't saved on the camera bank and I had to set it each time.

- If you use different sizes of films, it is better not to mix them during scanning, as it will require refocus each time.

- I ended using Negative Lab Pro even for my B&W

As you don't use Lightroom, my advice is to get a trial for both Lightroom and Negative Lab Pro (their trial is full unrestricted use of Negative Lab Pro on up to 12 negatives) and check it yourself. If it is ok with you, get a subscription for lightroom all the time you need it for the scanning, and then you can stop using it (it is good to keep both JPG and RAW files though). If you need to rework them, you can subscribe back.

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