90d and Tamron 150-600 - sharpness issue or wrong expectations

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Re: 90d and Tamron 150-600 - sharpness issue or wrong expectations

dave vichich wrote:

Looks like it's back focusing. The best shot to see this is the green bird. The tree is sharp, the bird isn't.

Some other issues may be, how many focusing points do you have active? Next time you go out, use the center point, or spot focus.

The other issue is 6400 iso. Canon isn't known for having the cleanest, low noise sensors. For these static shots, you should be able to drop your shutter speed to twice what you used for these shots. Instead of 1/800, use 1/400. That will bring the iso down to 3200, and that will help.

You are going to need to MFA your lens. If I remember right, to the left brings the focus closer to the camera. Just of the top of my head, I'd try 7 to the left.

After you do that, try a few shots of something at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees to you, say a fence line. Find something on that fence that you can spot focus on, and take a shot.

Review that shot and see if that thing you focused on is the sharpest thing in the photo. If it is, leave it. If it isn't, figure out if it's focusing in front of, or behind it, and make another adjustment. Keep doing that until you feel it's hitting right on.

In summary, Lower iso's, use less focus points, MFA ( micro focus adjust ) your Len to that camera.

You'll be ok, but with that sensor, you may need to do a little more post sharpening than you're used to.

Thanks Dave for your very valuable inputs, I will do some testing on focus and do MFA . I have also checked more of my images with DPP and agree with using lesser focus points. Will try them.

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