Do you store your edited photos as RAW, JPG, (resolution, compression)?

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Re: Do you store your edited photos as RAW, JPG, (resolution, compression)?

I keep the RAW's as my "historical record". I try to be unsentimental with culling - a quick pass through after importing into LR to delete the obvious miscues and then a second pass to get rid of 2nd tier quality (quick to say I'm not alway as ruthless as I try to be and photos of family etc often get a pass......) I try to avoid keeping everything with the thought I can improve things down the road - if it's garbage today, it's going to be smelly garbage tomorrow.....  Again, there are exceptions, but I strive for keeping the best and junking the rest. Helps with improving my game.

Everything resides as RAW's and I export jpg's (or TIFFS) only as needed. Those are used as intended and then periodically deleted.  RAW's are backed up to 2 portable hard drives, one of which is located off site.  About half of my LR catalog was shot with 20 or 24 MP cameras and have no issues with storage space.

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