Do you store your edited photos as RAW, JPG, (resolution, compression)?

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Re: Do you store your edited photos as RAW, JPG, (resolution, compression)?

phouphou wrote:

Storage space is not free but has become quite cheap.

So, do you keep all your RAWs or select a few? Or do you store your photos only as JPGs and with what compression?

I usually keep 10% of the photos from a shoot, edit them, keep those 10% as full-res (after crop) JPGs (75% compression) and 0-1% of the RAWs.

Since i find it hard to put all this in a poll, please comment.

Part of the answer is that having grown up in the era when we used film, I have simply adopted the film approach of never getting rid of the originals (which we used to call "negatives").

So, I keep all of my digital originals as well (except for obviously terrible photos, which I discard). It has paid off well for me, sometimes a photo doesn't look very good to me, but then years later Aunt Sara sees it and falls in love with the photo.

Another part of the answer is whether or not the software you use is non-destructive and parametric, like Lightroom Classic, or destructive like Photoshop. The way Lightroom Classic (and other similar editors work), you do need the original, and there's really no point usually to keep long-term the JPG created from the edited original. With Photoshop, to store your edits, you must save a JPG or TIF to save your edits, and depending on your use of those photos, maybe you don't need the originals.

The last point is that my skills, and the features of the software, improve over time. Photos I edited 15 years ago with Photoshop Elements can sometimes be greatly improved with the new features in Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, and I do enjoy taking those old photos and making them look a lot better, but you need the originals for that.

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