When the engineers and the accountants put their heads together

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Re: When the engineers and the accountants put their heads together

I think you really mean ‘designers and managers’, rather than ‘engineers and accountants’, but that minor point aside, I think you are on to something, ‘big picture’-wise.

You seem to enjoy philosophical matters and are often making comments that seem to be (at least partially,) informed from your own professional (a technical background) experiences, and IMO, these are interesting comments.

It is always good to set forth from a solid base.

Managers, designers and planners are in the best position to direct their efforts, when their own assessments of their teams and all the other material items, relating to business potential and reliable production and profit in the marketplace are well and precisely grounded.

So, I agree with designers (including engineers, etc) having a respected place in the ‘upper levels’ of corporate management and planning, where their insights can have a better chance insuring an organization plays well (with a program of well supported/directed discovery, research and development, for example) within it’s strengths.

Anyway, I agree, there’s a chance a reorganization will actually better allow aspects of micro four thirds to continue with the distinction it probably requires moving forward.

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