What is wrong with AF Area?

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Re: What is wrong with AF Area?

Qbalion wrote:


I noticed some strange focus behaviour on the last few pictures taken by someone else with my Z50. It seems like the camera focuses on a different area that is selected for the focus. Please see two below examples.

AF-C priority is set on the focus (not on release) and AF-S priority is not in the menu of Z50.

Any ideas what could cause such focus problems?

Af area mark over the middle person

and actual focus on the trees behind

Af area marks over the trees

And the actual focus is luckily not that far from the face


I don't own a Z50 and I am not certain which AF settings you used for these pictures. I am not a big fan of the AF auto settings, I would use AF-S single point focus mode for such pictures. AF-C Af auto area with face/eye detection is another option.

Best IMO is to take some time to experiment with the different AF possibilities and to study the Z50 user manual in detail if you did not do that yet.

If you want to study all the possibilities of the Z50 in detail ( much more information then is presented in the nikon user manual ) , Thom Hogan's Z50 e-guide may be a solution (Complete Guide to the Nikon Z50 | Thom Hogan (zsystemuser.com)

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