Is the Z50 a half Z7 ?

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Re: Is the Z50 a half Z7 ?

I am not that much a pixel-peeper. I just wanted to switch for a decent IQ system from my unsatisfactory (but really compact) a6000. There I could see blurriness (in the eyes of my subjects) already when looking at the pictures on my smartphone - ouhhh! Comparing to a6xxx my pictures taken with Z50 and 16-50 or 50-250 at 50mm are far better than the ones from a6000 with 50mm prime! I'd really not expect such a difference.

But I do realize that for low light and indoors I need a faster lens. Here I can make it up with bulkier Z system FX glass - like the amazing and not expensive 50mm 1.8 or... soon available Z 40mm compact lens.

So at the moment for me Z50 is not limiting because for outdoors and for long FL compositions kit DX lenses are really good in my use cases. And for events/indoors/portraits relatively bulky 50mm will do nicely without the inconvenience of carrying too much while on trips.

That does not hold me back from looking at apparently very well performing af of Z6 II... But as a non-pro enthusiast, I'd need far more solid substantiation of moving on to FF.

Maybe for my use case, I'd profit from 2 camera set:

Z50 with kit lens for outdoors (with a hope for some 2 processor/fast AF Z70). THere I need high fps for occasional sport shots and 50-250 is decent in this department.

Z5 with 50mm/85mm primes for low light/indoors. But why do I need Z5 over my Z50? - just because of IBIS? Maybe...

If you don't pixel-peep, don't do indoors, I believe the Z50 is very good. I just find it so sad to use full frame lenses on an APS-C cameras, but you don't have a real choice for the moment...
Maybe the biggest difference between Z50 and Z7 (except resolution) is the glass you put in front of it, and thus full frame Z glass wins easily. Sure you could use the Z50 with the Z 14-30, but you lose the ultra wide angle

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