Is the Z50 a half Z7 ?

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Re: Is the Z50 a half Z7 ?

I think the biggest difference between what you have now and what you would get with the Z50 will be the possibility to use the newer Z mount lenses and the possibility that the AF is more accurate with the Z system for still subjects.

Exactly, I want to buy Z camera for Z glass, but for the moment nothing exciting on DX so if I buy a Z50 I will keep using my F mount lenses while waiting for eventual nice Z DX lenses that may never come..

That said the D800 series of F mount cameras are a great way to get high res Full Frame with out spending too much on the body.

On a tripod with good lens the image quality and level of detail is still quite remarkable.

Maybe this is the way to go without breaking the bank.. I am thinking about it now

You could produce a fantastic exhibition of award winning Landscapes with a D800 and a good lens if your good enough.

Can't you win awards with a D5600 ? This is also a problem, I feel that you are not taken seriously if you shoot with cheap camera
I don't have award wining shots but I am working on it :

The Z system is newer and the some of the lenses are clearly better than the F mount lenses. I think at this moment I would happily give up my D800 and other F mount gear for a Z6 and a 50mm S.

I've been manually focusing my manual F mount Nikon glass on a Sony A7 for a good few years now. That's simply because I can get more accurate focus with the EVF on the Sony.

The AF on my D800 is good but sometimes it will miss focus just slightly and its annoying as hell when that shot has the best expression. Its never so bad that 8x10 prints would be a problem. Of course some of it is subject movement and photographer movement after focusing. After years of the D800 I fancy a change, something smaller and I want the 50mm S. 50mm is an important focal length for me and the Z6 will work with my manual focus Nikkors so the Sony A7 can go to.

My best shots are with live view on the tripod, also because my 16-80 is front focusing and I dont have fine tuning on the D5600 
The mirrorless sureley is appealing for perfect focus and light and small body, but at a price 

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