When the engineers and the accountants put their heads together

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Re: When the engineers and the accountants put their heads together

I honestly don't see the new $7,500 USD lens as a particular attempt to go higher end or such. That kind of lens was always going to be expensive. Look back years ago in 4/3rds and see how expensive the long telephoto F2.8 prime was.

You get what you pay for- in that lens.

If Olympus wants to go high-endsy they really need to delivery high quality compelling products. This means no more rear thumb rubber falloffs. The EM1X sure seems built like a tank but fails in other areas.

I still think a very well done EM5 class body (read: *not* the current EM5 MKIII)., can indeed present an interesting proposition here.

The company that most resembles what you mention on lower production stock and high end prices- and they are profitable and sell is Leica.

But Leica has worked on their brand for decades. Not easy to get there.

They also have overall a pretty clear direction of where they want to be. Taking prices aside- their lenses are really good, but most interesting the simplicity of their cameras- the focus on the point, on photography.

That's something that's getting very lost in the digital world today, but they - Leica - got it right.

For the the real big question about any "New Olympus" is how much money there will be for R&D, and trying new high end things.  Doing more of the same slightly updated will not land them much higher (though may keep them walking).

It's this part that I am more concerned about whether they go high end or they can update things.

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