Looking to reduce my photography kit

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Re: Looking to reduce my photography kit

bmoag wrote:

A first world problem to be sure.

I could not find a single review that shared your "meh" in any way on the RX100 even without the gimbal. To each her own.

As the owner of a mere iPhone 12, sans the faux telephoto third lens, its about as meh as meh gets: its just a cell phone so you get what the engineers tell you your photo should look like. If that is what the user wants than all the rest of the camera kit can go where cameras go to die.

I own an earlier version of the GoPro. After making several "body cam" videos which no one except me wanted to see more than once I don't even know if I remember how to use the thing. I might attach it to the dog to see if it can record any dog cam videos but I have a feeling those will be watch once and forget too. The Go pro seems useless for still images unless ultrawide distorted is your aesthetic.

Hi, thanks for your thoughts. Definitely a first world problem for sure!

Regarding the RX100, the stabilization is fine until you start walking, at which point the stabilization can’t keep up with the jiggles (neither can most cameras). this is where the GoPro does well
I’m mainly using the GoPro to walk and follow kids/pets whilst taking video - I don’t use it much for stills and certainly not using it much for its action’ cam abilities

Looking on local buy/sell market here seems that RX100s don’t sell very easy so I may be stuck with all the gear anyway  - a nice problem to have aside from listening to “do you really need all that gear” comments 😂

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