Possibly moving to full-frame mirrorless from m4/3’s

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Re: As an ex M43 user

Karl Huber wrote:

NCV wrote:

I recently sold all my M43 gear that was getting a bit long in the tooth. I had five or six years good service out of my EM5, which was quite revolutionary when it appeared. I sold all my stuff before Olympus announced their exit from the camera industry.

I tried a demo Z7 at my local dealers and was smitten with this camera. The viewfinder is on an almost optical level and I can work seamlessly with my D810. I found the electronic viewfinder in my EM5 unpleasent and useless even, when I used M43 in tandem with the OVF in my D810.

I hike a lot and I like photographic our historic cities here in Italy. I wanted a one lens solution for my hikes and I compared the possibility of getting a EM1iii + 12-100 and running a M43 kit along side my DSL outfit. But I found the Z7 + 24-200 weighs the same, so I bought a Z 7 with two or three lenses including the brilliant 24-200.

For hiking the Z7 + 24-200 is brilliant. I keep the 14-30 in my rucksack as it does not weigh too much.

I also have via the FTZ adaptor a lot of interchangeability with my F lenses, even my Ai lenses from 30 years ago.

For use with lenses up to about 200 I see no advantage at all in M43 anymore (Panasonic I think understood this). The weight issue is no longer valid with the latest mirrorless FF cameras. The Z7 severely spanks the the image quality you get from a M43 sensor. The smoother colour transitions, malleability of the files in post, shadow recovery before the file falls apart and noise at moderately high ISO are on another planet.

I think with good reason, that M43 is also a dying format. Panasonic have said they are concentrating on FF and Olympus will fade quickly away with the new owners who were brought in to get around the Japanese employment laws. I wince to think of those who are queuing up to buy the 150-400 €7000 lemon for a format that will see no future development, but just the sale of existing stock or perhaps some "bin parts" cameras to use up the stock of components.

I quess you might be wise keeping a body and you long lens for wildlife, but go for the Z system and get rid of as much M43 gear as you can before it becomes worthless for trading in.

A recent visit to Florence found me using the 14-30 and the 24-200. it worked really well.

Some from Valle d'Aosta

I was using APSC and Full Frame DSLRs for years and made the decision to move to m4/3 in 2009. Bought into the Olympus system and was quite happy, having convinced myself that m4/3 was as good as full frame. Enter the Nikon D850 and all that changed. After just one day with the D850, I realised I had been lying to myself. The full frame photos were in a different league from the m4/3 photos and superior in every way.

Yes been there too. It was a €350 SH D700 that disabused me of this notion, when I saw my EM5 shots alongside what came out of the old 12MP camera.

I sold the D850 when I bought a Z7 about a year ago and have been more than happy with the camera and the images it produces. I have re-purchased a D850.

Love your photos, by the way.

I use a D810 alongside the Z7. I use the D810 for my architectural photography with a set of shift lenses.

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