Possibly moving to full-frame mirrorless from m4/3’s

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Re: As an ex M43 user

daleeight wrote:

It is weather sealed? Didn't see it on the Nikon page and the DPR page, under Physical, says No.


I know it is sealed "to some extent", but if it isn't, it isn't, and it matters to SOME people. Just because you know how to use a lens "in the weather" is good for you, but I'm just saying, some people care and some people want weather sealing.

Further reading tells me that the 24-100 is weather sealed


"Sealing: both Z-Nikkors have a rubber grommet at the lens-mount plus further special weather-sealing throughout the construction, just like the Tamron. Both the Z-Nikkor and the Tamron also have fluorine-coating on the front element to repel water, dust, and dirt and make cleaning easier. [+]"

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