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Re: D5600 and Godox TT350

lou17 wrote:

I have a godox TT350 flash. But I can't seem to get it to work with my Nikon D5600. Are they not compatible?

If you have the Nikon version (TT350-N), which has the right pins on the foot for the Nikon layout, it should work.  If it's a non-Nikon version, it will hopefully work as a manual flash, but the only thing the flash hotshoe can tell the flash to do via its foot is to fire: TTL/HSS signalling is proprietary per brand.  Whatever goes on the hotshoe of the camera has to be in the same "flavor" as the camera (i.e., Godox flashes only do cross-brand TTL/HSS when used as off-camera radio slaves; not as on-camera units).

If it's the Nikon version, and it's not working, can you tell us how you're trying to use it?

If you're trying to use it off-camera with Nikon's "smart" optical CLS system, it doesn't speak that. (Also your D5600 doesn't have a CLS commander in the pop-up flash).

If you're trying to use the flash in HSS/FP, the D5600 does not support that.

If you're trying to use it with a Godox transmitter on the D5600, it needs to be in radio Slave mode, and set to use a matching channel and ID as the transmitter.  If the transmitter is within 1m of the flash, you may need to use "close mode" (DIST = 0-30m) on the transmitter.

If you're trying to use the flash on the camera hotshoe, check that you've got the flash oriented correctly (yes, it's entirely possible to mount a flash backwards), and that the flash is seated fully forward in the hotshoe, so that all the pins on the foot are hitting all the hotshoe's contacts.

Make sure the batteries in everything are in good health.

Make sure the camera's menus are set to use the flash on-camera.  Any CLS/wireless settings should be turned off, because that's a different incompatible system to Godox's.

Make sure the TT350 is in the right syncing mode (on-camera, radio master, or radio slave) for what you want the flash to do.

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