Photographing old negatives / workflow

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Re: Photographing old negatives / workflow

frankjoke wrote:

I did converted thousands of my old negatives because I had all negatives reserved.

I photographed them with a macro lens on my D850 where I used a flash at the back of the negative in RAW format.

On my DXO RAW converter I reversed the RGB tones which led to real colors instead the negative ones.

The good side was that I could user white balance (with pipette or settings) after that which means I corrected most of the color problems.

I tried before same with LR but it was not so easy to get good results results, but I anyhow do not user LR for RAW conversion because DXO generates better results (for me, I user LR only for import and face detection!).

Would you please elaborate what do you actually do to "reverse the RGB tones" in DxO Photolab 4?


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