Art 1.6 and Capture One comparison

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Re: Art 1.6 and Capture One comparison

Pixel8888 wrote:

C1 gives me sometimes cyan in the blue sky that's very hard to correct. It is the strongest with the Velvia simulation.

One of the reasons I'm so fond of C1 is that it allows me to easily correct cyan shifts in the blue sky. Use the Skin Tone function in the Color Editor. Mask the sky, click on the sky color you want, expand the range as needed and set the Uniformity value for Hue.

Gets a bit better with Astia. It is the same with XT2 and XT10 raws, mostly with images taken around noon. The combination of Xtrans, and the Velvia simulation rally pushes the greens in blue. I hope they will introduce new Fuji profiles soon. It is a kind of hard to correct a muddy Fuji XTrans sky with C1. Easier with Luminar 4 or Topaz adjust AI.

I have tried raw therapee, but the interface is so different from everything I know. It takes a lot of time, to figure out how to tweak with this tool.

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