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Tom Schum
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Content-Aware Grain

For months I've been intrigued by the content-aware grain tool in Exposure X6.

Finally today I downloaded the 30 day free trial (480mb) and began to experiment.

I have a windows 10 machine with core i5 and 8GB ram. Until I turned off the default GPU selection my computer froze at least twice and I had to physically shut off power to get back control. So, beware.

As a new user I find the file interface very quirky and strange, but I'm used to just going to any file and hitting open, as I do in Photoshop Elements 2020. You don't save a file either, you go to a function called "Export" and you have to plug in whatever file name you want, except I can't change the original file name. For example if the file is PS0024 and I want it to be "orange peel" I can't do that. The "Export" function is too "smart" for me! Again, beware!

Anyway I did get one test shot processed in spite of Exposure's efforts to stop me. It is from my X-T100, taken last year. See what you think and please let me know your opinions. Is it better than other grain tools? Does the grain look film-natural?

Here we see the grain tool controls. The tool gives you individual control of grain in shadow, midtone, and highlight areas, and if you are adding grain to a color image you can adjust the amount of grain that is multicolored, relative to the luminance grain.

Here is the image with added grain: more grain in shadows and less grain in highlights.

Here is the image without added grain.

FYI, here is a link to a grain tool tutorial from Exposure:

Finally, I'm still on the fence about buying Exposure X6 since the cost is $149.

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