A Modest Proposal About X100-Series Cameras

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Re: A Modest Proposal About X100-Series Cameras

robnich wrote:

I believe there must be many owners of Fujifilm X100-series cameras who might like to see a separate forum for these cameras. I am probably not alone in having selected my current X100V and my previous X100S specifically because I was tired of carrying around what I often referred to a one metric ton of lenses and accessories in my days as a Canon beast-of-burden. I welcomed the challenge of using a light, beautiful and capable fixed lens camera of high quality.

In the current forum, X-series camera posts are buried in an avalanche of DSLR and lens posts and are a bit hard to locate. Search by Product simply does not work, usually coming up with only a very few posts that are not days or even weeks old, even for "hot" recent cameras such as the X100V.

Anyone else who has had these thoughts?

Robert N.

Just to be clear, Fuji’s crop line contains X-series cameras, as in X-H1, X-T4, etc., all of which are represented within this forum. The notable exception is the MF line, which is not a part of the charter for this particular discussion group within DPR and is arguably a different class of products. The X-H1, X-Tn lines, etc. are not defined as DSLRs. Bottom line, I believe DPR is not particularly interested in proliferating more specialized forums, thus generating potentially a host of new forums (since a similar request could easily apply to smaller groups of products within other brands as well).

So, I wouldn’t personally be particularly supportive of this request and I seriously doubt that DPR would be inclined to further break up this forum. Just my opinion... not speaking for DPR here.

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