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Sony control wheel problems

Supisiche wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

I still have the wonderful little S95 I bought almost 9 years ago. Still looks and works great. In 2018 I bought an RX100m1.5 (RX100 with the new 2.0 firmware), but then the control wheel stopped working. I have owned 3 Sony cameras (A700, A100, RX100) and all 3 in a short time developed control wheel problems. I have owned many cameras from Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, etc. and none of them had problems. All 3 of my Sony cameras are paperweights though. Here is my RX100 review with comparisons to the S95 -- before the control wheel died:


And an update after the control wheel problem:


For a tiny camera that is similar the G9X and G9XII look pretty good. Or I may just go back to using my S95. I have other cameras to use when I want something bigger and more flexible.

Many of my Sony cameras had control wheel problems

In addition to my multiple poor experiences with Sony cameras and your report of multiple Sony control wheel problems I have seen manyother reports on dpreview and other forums.  All camera brands have occasional failures, but Sony, I think, has a particularly bad problem with regards to the design or parts they use for the control wheels on their various cameras.  I told my wife recently that if I ever say anything about buying another Sony that she should bonk be on the head with a baseball bat.

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