Art 1.6 and Capture One comparison

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Re: Art 1.6 and Capture One comparison

JayPhizzt wrote:

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

To my eye the Capture One versions here are definitely sharper and retain better highlight detail. Whether C1 has any inherent advantage or the differences are just down to development choices is another thing entirely.

Very odd, to my eyes it's the exact opposite. The Art 1.6 photos definitely look more detailed. This is however not surprising to me since RawTherapee has the best X-trans demosaicing I've ever seen.

I should also add that when it comes to sharpness settings all the capture one settings are the same and all the ART sharpness and detail settings are the same.

I've chosen the settings to the best of my ability and they are not defaults.

I would say in general the ART images show more fine detail but the capture one images show a bit more local contrast which kinda gives the illusion of being sharper.

Interestingly though depending on the subject and light one or the other doesnt always look better.

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