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BlueCosmo5050 wrote:

Jostian wrote:

BlueCosmo5050 wrote:

Here is an example from today.

I opened the raw file on my computer, RAW is supported but now ProRaw yet that's why it's all dark. Watch how much dynamic range I get. The dark image is what I started with, then the final image is what I ended up with.

Starting Point

Where I ended up

great DR indeed, but the detail rendering is still not great, no where near what what will get with a dedicated FF Camera, good for a phone, but you'd get similar results from the RAW stacking used by some android phones. Result is good though, but when looking closer (see 100% crop below) it doesnt look that great even the car the detail is not great.

I agree with that but I expected that. Honestly even a full frame looks similar at 12 MP. A little better though. With my 30 Megapixel camera I can see a lot more detail when zoomed in obviously. But the point is... I'm not going to have the 30 megapixel camera with me and I'll have this with me.

Some phones have both. Mi 10 Pro + gcam has similar or better DR + it shoots at 27MP (that's after binning).

Anyway, thank you for sharing!  Waiting for some real photos from you (not technical photography).

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