Advice for my next RF lens.

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Advice for my next RF lens.

Hi All,

I'm not a pro photographer but last year I bought and EOS R and I'm getting more and more into this amazing hobby. I mainly shoot pictures of my 2yo kid and started with landscape few months ago but the lockdown is a big limiting factor so far (so I have fallen back to street photography and I'm enjoying it a lot)

At the moment I own 2 lenses:

- the RF 24-105 F4 L USM that I use mainly for Landscape/Street photography but I realised that it can take nice portraits at 105mm.

- the RF 35 1.8 STM that I use for indoor/portraits, videos and when I want a lightweight setup when going out for a walk.

I love both lenses but both have their limitations:

- The RF 24-105 F4 is unusable indoor without a speedlight. Sometimes I feel that 24mm was a bit too tight for landscapes and that I need a wider focal length or that 105 was too less.

- The RF35 can be used indoor but the AF at low light hunts a lot and the bokeh is not outstanding. Also I live in Ireland so not being weather sealed is another limiting factor.

I want to expand my lens kit, and I would like to buy a good RF lens per year. I'm restricting the option to RF just because I'm starting from scratch and I don't see the point to get EF lenses for 2 reasons:

- in few years they could loose a lot of value

- they need the adapter (likely the one with the control ring) and that add additional length/space.

So for my next lens I'm thinking one of the following 3 (all weather sealed)

- RF 15-35mm 2.8 IS USM: That would give me more room for landscape and it is also a great lens for video but it won't solve my problem with indoor portraits.

- RF 70-200 2.9 IS USM: Can be used for portraits/street/landscape, but it won't solve my problem with indoor portraits.

- RF 50 1.2 USM: Versatile focal length for indoor/outdoor portraits and street photography. I feel this is the lens I would use most out of the three. The only concern I have is the lack of stabilisation, but eventually IBIS will be a standard feature in all bodies so next time I will upgrade I would still have a great lens that last for years. I looked also to the RF 85 1.2 (I think it would be less versatile than a 50mm) and the upcoming RF 50 1.8 (too close to the RF 35 that I already own but without IS).

What do you think? Anything I have missed?

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