Perfect Starter Camera in 2020

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Perfect Starter Camera in 2020

TLDR; Wonderful camera, great IQ, single-point AF is great - continuous not so much, BEAUTIFUL COLOURS, some pet peeves, 10/10 recommended.

Let me just start out by saying I put like 6 MONTHS of research into trying to figure out which camera to buy, and I went from Olympus EM-10 ii -> D7100 -> X-T1 -> D7100 -> Z50 -> D7100 -> D700 -> A7ii -> X-T1, with lenses planned out for each camera. Maybe its just my personality and how I like to by VERY thorough before making a decision, but it was a hell of a ride!

The Fujifilm X-T1 is honestly an AMAZING camera and I am so lucky to own it. Physically, the camera feels really solid, made out of metal and the physical dials on top are a JOY to use. The on-off switch was such a nice distinct click, and the shutter sound is just MWAH. There are also so many details that Fuji got right: when putting on the body cap, there's gradual resistance until it is fully on; when pulling out the screen, the tightness is just so perfect; and the duck head plug for the charger is really high quality and fits well, other than Apple's any other duck head plug I've ever used are super loose and feels like they would break any time. The EVF is HUGE! There are so many customizable buttons, and the user interface is very easy to get used to! The shutter speed dial only locks on auto (which is genius) and the exposure compensation dial feels SOOO GOOOOD!

But this also brings me to the negatives. First, I have to still say that I love this camera and everything about it, but there are always small things about a product that sometimes annoy you as you learn it, so here are mine. First off, WHY IS THE ISO DIAL LOCKING? It is SOOOO annoying!!! And since the exp comp dial feels soooo good, it makes the other (still nice feeling) dials feel cheap, even though they are still great. Also, after a while, the ISO dial sticks to the drive dial under it, so you would have to move the drive dial first with the ISO locked then turn the ISO dial or else the drive dials will move with the ISO. TBH, this is probably my biggest annoyance with the camera.

Also, continuous autofocus on this camera is uhhhh wellll..... when shooting family sports, my hit rate is around 60%, which is not great. But the shots I get from the camera when it does focus almost makes up for it! And the contrast-detect AF points on the edges are just not reliable at all.

Now, I'll list the rest of the 'pet peeves' list since they don't need much explaining, so in no particular order:

  • basically non-existent grip
  • buttons on the back suck, especially the d-pad
  • sd card inserting click is very dull
  • the bottom is not flush so it can wobble on a table
  • no click when inserting the battery and the battery does not pop out
  • viewfinder rubber is a dust magnet
  • the record button is jammed behind the exp comp dial
  • viewfinder diopter has a satisfying click forwards but a dull click backwards, would've been better if it was consistent
  • the charger shows a green light when charging, no light when charged. very confusing. I thought my battery or charger broke the first time!
  • the included eyepiece is tiny but solved with the $10 medium eyepiece
  • HUGE RAW file sizes! 30MB per image!

But don't be fooled by the long list of pet peeves! I still adore this camera and would easily recommend It to anyone starting out! Especially for the $320 CAD/$245 USD price that I bought it for, it is a steal! It's great for what I shoot! I mainly like to document family events and shoot landscapes, but also dip my toes into portraits, product and wildlife (before you ask, yes, with my 35mm f2 lens. I use walnuts to lure squirrels and get them in hands reach).

Now, you may have noticed that I did not mention image quality anywhere in this 'review', and that's because, for a beginner like me, the IQ coming from this camera is probably beyond what I need for the next few years! But also the colours are soooo <3 <3 <3

Sorry for such a long post! Thank you is you read it through! LMK if you want sample images, although I am still learning, so y'all would probably have a good laugh at my shots... 😅

Happy shooting!

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