Best lens for D800??

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Thanks for the further advice, I've checked my previous photos and on average the focal length used was 15 - 20mm on the micro 4/3 camera. So from what you have said and I double it, this means the 50mm would be more suitable? And yes - you were right in your interpretation of meaning full body shots, though I would also be taking some head and shoulders shots, and you're also right in that I want everything to be in sharp focus if possible.
Thanks again!

35mm is NOT ideal for portraiture - it gives too much perspective distortion - noses look too big, faces too rounded, part of bodies near the edges get stretched out.

This is only the case if you shove the lens into the face of the subject. If you back up a bit, almost all facial distortion goes away.

Yep camera to subject distance is what cause the perspective distortions what we typically get shooting close up portraits with a wide lens.

Most lenses though do distort a little, barrel and pincushion distortion are very common but they are often not even noticeable when shooting portraits. It's usually when you switch the correction on and off that it shows in portraits.

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