Any serious cyclist AND photographer here?

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Re: Any serious cyclist AND photographer here?

I once knocked out serious mileage (up to double-centuries) but it's been a long while. I've paced my running kid from a bike and admit my attempts at shooting her using the phone cam have not been safe and I can't recommend it. A helmet-mount gopro or something similar is the only thing I'd use while riding, unless there's an image-stabilized bar-mount option. (If you've seen the rear-facing bike-mount live shots from inside the Le Tour peloton, you know how dramatic close-action video can be.)

A high-end fixed lens compact such as an LX100 or a compact MILC, carried in a small fanny pack would work great for destination and rest stop shots better than what one would get from a phone cam. Guess the question is whether you'd actually use it enough to warrant the extra weight. Cyclists are the original gram-weenies, reknowned for spending thousands to shave a few ounces of bike weight. A pound of camera would be noticed on a five-hour day.



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