Would you use a fast and simple "dual focus" feature on a camera?

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Would you use a fast and simple "dual focus" feature on a camera?

Three weeks ago I asked about the appeal of a “dual focus” feature on digital cameras. In use, you would focus on one spot in a scene, then focus on a second spot. The camera would then do two things: calculate the widest aperture while ensuring that the two spots would appear in focus, and then calculate the best distance between the two objects to set the focus point.

Personally, this would be very useful to me in taking group photos, where people sometimes stand in two or three rows. The key would be speed and simplicity. Focus on the front row, then press a function button while focusing on the second or third row. The camera does the rest.

At a press conference with two or three speakers sitting beside one another, it would be simple to take a side-angle photo that guaranteed all speakers would be in focus, and that other elements of the picture would be out of focus.

The response to the question was varied. Some people pointed out that such a feature once appeared on some low-end Canon cameras. I think it is a feature that would appeal to both beginner and expert photographers. It would teach beginners the importance of depth of field.

My question: Would you see value in such a feature if it were effortless to use?

Yes, if it were simple and seamless to use.
37.1% 13  votes
No. I do such calculations in my head and know what aperture to choose and where to focus.
62.9% 22  votes
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