Is the Z50 a half Z7 ?

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Re: Is the Z50 a half Z7 ?

The Z5/6/7 all have in-body stabilization so will provide that capability with any lens used regardless whether the lens has its own stabilization. The Z50 relies on lens stabilization.

I almost always shoot on tripod so in-body stablization not a big deal for me :/

The Z7 also has a higher resolution EVF and monitor.

The Z7 is 46MP; the Z50 is 20. So more that 2x ...

Can't deny it..

You cannot simply shoot two images to get the same panorama with the Z50. Stitching errors alone will throw that way off.

Yes I know it is a stupid example, you can't shoot pano all your life, I was just asking from a technical point of view. Z50 vs Z7 in crop mode is a better example.

Z50 base ISO is 100; it is 64 for the Z7. Images at this ISO value are amazing.

Hmmm this should be nice

I had a D7200 and the 12-24 zoom and have been extremely happy with the Z7/14-30 combo. Significantly sharper and richer than my old setup. I don’t have the original resolution image handy, but here is one example.

Z7, 14-30, 30 seconds.

Based on your post I don’t think you will be happy effectively trading “across” for a Z50. You ask about significant quality differences; you will get that with the Z7 but not the Z50.

If there was a niec wide angle lens for Z50 maybe I would be more keen to buy it..

Are there used Z7s available in your country? If I were you I would go that route over a new Z50.

Actually I was thinking about a used Z50 for 550 euros, Z7 is 2000 euros used, it is a big gap That's why I am thinking about a new Z5 or used Z6, but they are basicly the same price.

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