How do I achieve Canon Landscape in DxO?

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How do I achieve Canon Landscape in DxO?

I am a long time user of DPP and DxO, but I did not know how to access the Canon Landscape picture style from within DxO and I do not really understand .dcp color profiles.

Most of the time I use DxO with color rendering to match the camera or occasionally with a film emulation.  Still there are times I would like to access the Canon Landscape picture style from within DxO.  Selecting the correct camera body does not deliver this.

Can I do this by obtaining the right .dcp color profile?  Are .dcp color profiles for matching the camera, the camera and the picture style together, or something else altogether?

I have attached six photos below, DPP and DxO versions of three shots each taken with a different lens. All are uncropped reductions.  The DxO shots seem more natural/real from a color rendition perspective, but I would still like the opportunity to access Canon Landscape from within DxO if possible.

Notes: (1) I realize that it is easy to access Canon Landscape by switching to DPP, but I do not want to lose other DxO functionality in the transaction).  (2) I realize I can approximate the Canon Landscape look from within DxO by boosting saturation or using a film emulation.  What I am looking for is the exact Canon Landscape look from within DxO, if it can be achieved.

Any help would be appreciated.

50 mm DPP

50 mm DxO

80 mm DPP

80 mm DxO

100 mm DPP

100 mm DxO

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