Photographing old negatives / workflow

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Re: Photographing old negatives / workflow

JohnXTanner wrote:

I use an Ohnar slide copier and Adobe s/w, so mostly different from you.

But some points apply to both of us.

  1. It may be obvious, but turn off IS/VR in the camera. Not necessary here.

Good point. I almost always forget to do that when shooting from a tripod ...

  1. What light source will you use? The Ohnar device is effectively quite a small aperture, so I still have exposures in seconds even when using a bright LED as the source (I worry slightly about the white balance of this source, but not enough to do anything about it).

I ordered an LED “conferencing” light. The first one was only 2-1/2” square so too small. I just ordered a larger one. One thing I forgot with my original design is the need for a diffuser. I’m looking for a couple of one-gallon translucent-white milk jugs to use to build that.

  1. Kodachrome produces some quite odd colours - this may relate to the point above.
  2. My old slides and negatives tend to be quite dirty. You might want to consider cleaning them first. (Some scanners used infra-red light to detect dirt, I think, but the rephotographing approach won't have this).

Yes, I have seen that in a prior project. I hesitate to put any liquid on the negatives - at least the color negatives - so I will probably end up doing a lot of healing in post.

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