How the R5 Lightens the load for Wildlife Trips (Africa)

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Re: How the R5 Lightens the load for Wildlife Trips (Africa)

David M. Anglin wrote:

dgumshu wrote:

I can certainly understand wanting to lighten the load for a long trip. All of the comments on this thread make sense. My only concern with carrying large heavy gear on a plane would be using a large Backpack. Often times, if and when boarding smaller jets, they may not allow larger bags for Carry-on. I would not want my gear in a Backpack if It was required to be checked in. While that is not always the case, it does happen. I’ve read stories of photographers having to pull their 600mm lenses and other gear out of their backpacks to carry-on while their bags were checked in. However, that would be less of a concern on large international jets.
Personally, I would use a Pelican 1510 carry-on and Lowepro AW75 as a personal bag, but that’s just me being cautious. Good luck with your trip.

I always carry a foldable duffel (eagle creek) in my carry on bag when I have camera gear. If necessary, you can pull the main gear and wrap in some clothing for protection. I wouldn't' want to sue this as an alternative to my camera bag, but you can make this small enough to fit under the seat or in a small overhead. Not ideal, but it works and you know your gear is not going to get lost.

I have the Pelican 1510 (w\dTrekPak Divider) and a backback for personal bag.  I am fully impressed you dropped your weight by 16 lbs.  That is a major difference. I hope you will share your results with this lens choice when you get back.  I have heard some tours rent Canon big whites like 500mmf4 if you tell them in advance.  Have you run into that?

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