How the R5 Lightens the load for Wildlife Trips (Africa)

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Re: slower lenses are lighter

PicPocket wrote:

I'm not sure it's all attributable to R5 as the title suggests

The main bulk is gone because you dropped 400 f/4. 100-500 at 400mm is not close to that speed

Comparing 800 f/8 vs 700 f/10 - it's obvious which one would be bulkier (and quite a lot at those lengths)

Still, with you on your decisions, it's a lovely kit. Just not apples-to-apples, that's all

It depends on how you define an apple. In pure numeric terms, the RF 100-500 is about a stop slower than the EF 200-400/4 at 400 mm. No argument there. But another way to look at this is how close does the new combination come to being able to take the same shots? Maximum reach is 500 mm at f/7.1, vs 560 mm f/5.6, but the R5 adds a lot with its highly croppable 45 MP and superb AF. I think there would be very few situations where the EF 200-400 would have any significant advantage in terms of getting the shot, and the handling of the 100-500 could actually swing it the other way in many situations.

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