Photographing old negatives / workflow

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Re: Photographing old negatives / workflow

NCV wrote:

Padrow wrote:

I've been using my Z6 with an old mf 55mm micro Nikkor on a Berkey enlarger column with the colour head as the light source. This allows for me to dial in colour if I want. I've upped the ISO to perhaps 1200 allowing an aperture of F8 and shutter about 1/60th.

I haven't found how to reverse the image in the Z6 before taking it, but that'd be very useful. Originally I tried an LED source but found the colours too difficult to put right in post.

Hey this is something I have not thought of.

Just one thing how do you see the illuminated image.

As per normal on the screen, but as a negative (at the moment).

Focus is critical, so I zoom-in at full magnification and with the lens at F2.8 - tweak it using a fine screw thread on a macro focusing slide rail. Then drop the aperture down.

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