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T O Shooter wrote:

shuncheung wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

And, when Jim Kasson and Lance B says that any difference between the 70-200e s are splitting hairs (paraphrasing), and the Sigma 40 is untouched by anything in S, I tend to not believe the "better lenses" part. If it were not for paragraph 2 above, Nikon could refresh all the wide angles in f mount, and there wouldn't be enough difference to matter. Probably doesn't as it is.

There are a lot more lenses than the 70-200mm/f2.8. Just take a very simple example: my 14-30mm/f4 S is a very versatile wide zoom that can accept conventional, 82mm screw-on filters.

No such lens exists in any brand for SLRs. I happen to have the Nikkor 14-24mm/f2.8 AF-S in the F-mount. The bulging front element makes it difficult to use and travel with. As a result, that is a lens I rarely use. I have seen people use a complex rectangular filter set up on it, making it even bulker. That isn't something I want to deal with.

So--------- You'll spend $20,000 to switch to a system that will allow you to put filters on a 14-something zoom.

Thanks, but I'll stick to my 14-24G and save the 20 grand. And have a better, complete camera / lens system.

And it's not like we're spending the money in one go.

Spend $3k on the Z7ii first and then $1.1k on the 14-30. Get the new 24-70 f2.8 for $2k. That's $6.1k first. If you want the 14-24 f2.8 instead of the 14-30 f4 upfront, you can top up another $1.3k and that'll set you back $7.4k upfront for a body and 2 parts of the f2.8 trinity.

Use your old 70-200 for now. When it's time to replace it in a few years you can then spend $2.6k on the 70-200 and that'll be $10k over the course of two or three years for a body and all 3 parts of the trinity.

And speaking of using the old 70-200, regarding the completeness of a system, the Z mount has access to lenses in both F and Z mount. It's not limited to only the Z mount lenses. The F-mount body though is limited to only the F-mount. It's the main reason why I'm retiring my DSLRs; I can't use my Z lenses on them. When I used to rock my D810 and Z6, the 70-200 is stuck to my D810 because I can't swap my 14-30 and 24-70 f2.8 onto the D810. Now with both Z6 and Z6ii, I'm not handicapped in my lens choices. It doesn't which lens I bring, be it the 14-30 or the 28 f1.8G, either body can use those lenses.

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