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Rado R wrote:

ChelseaPhotographer wrote:

The only reason why this is important is because if you are comparing across sensor sizes, then the "exposure triangle" is no longer true and instead becomes an "exposure trapezoid" with one of the sides being the sensor size. People don't realize this and think all cameras get the same amount of light, but that is not true.

Not sure it this will help the people who argued otherwise, but, when you switch a full-frame camera to APS-C mode, that central part of the image is receiving the same amount of light that an APS-C sensor would (if you are using the same lens), but if instead you use the full full-frame sensor to capture the same image as the APS-C camera, then the full-frame sensor is getting 133% more light than the APS-C camera.

If the OP is going to do night photography (or any type of low light photography), as they said they would, this becomes a very significant consideration.

The OP mentioned at some point that they were surprised how much more detail they could get from their GRII compared to their 6D. However, that is not because both sensors are capturing the same amount of light. That is simply because of how bad the technology and the dynamic range of the 6D is. If you compare the sensor of the GRII with a Nikon or a Sony full-frame, you will see that those sensors have even more detail in the shadows than the GRII, and in this case it is not because one sensor is technically better than the other; it is because the larger sensor is getting more light.

Exposure trapezoid??? You killed me! ROFL! This is my favourite made up photography term now

Your second paragraph is correct. I just don't understand how you don't see it. It's right in front of you. The exposure settings are exactly the same for crop and FF. It doesn't matter how large the sensor is for the exposure. What matters is how much light hits each pixel!

Anyway, apologies to the OP! I don't want to discuss this anymore in this thread so if you want to continue the discussion, I made a new thread:

I hope to see you there. And I hope you post photos, not just crazy talk!

See you there!

OP, apologies again!

yes, light on the pixels 

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