Second Hand Battery Packs

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Re: Second Hand Battery Packs

First question: Are replacement batteries available? My quick search indicates they may be discontinued. If that is the case the pack becomes a real gamble, and the price should reflect that.

As to assessing the battery --

How old is the unit? My search indicated these have been around a few years, so a battery could be nearing the end of its expected life. I would be wary of anything more than a couple of years old.

Li-ion batteries do best with regular use and frequent charging, I would avoid a unit that has spent most of its life in storage and used infrequently, or one that has been used hard every day. You can ask the seller how the pack was used and possibly get some idea.

Deep discharge or overcharging can shorten battery life. A seller may or may not be honest about this.

If replacement batteries are not available it it may be that the pack can be rebuilt by an independent shop, but there is no guaranty of this. You may not know until they open it up and look inside.

Bottom line: To me this is a gamble and I would want a very favorable price.


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