Second Hand Battery Packs

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Re: Second Hand Battery Packs

Colin Creevey wrote:

I wasn't planning on buying a battery pack anytime soon but I've seen a second hand Godox LP800X portable battery go up for sale and I am interested in picking it up (if I can get it at a decent price).

I realise that a large part of the item is the battery and I also know that batteries degrade over time. Can anyone give me some advise on how I can/should asses the remaining life of the pack other than looking at how much cosmetic wear and tear there is?

Apologies if this would be better suited in the Accessories Talk forum but considering how niche an item it is I thought it would be more relevant here.

Some batteries can be re-celled Might be worth checking with a specialist to see if the LP800X batteries can be refurbished.

It's very difficult to find LP800Xs new at the moment I think that's because Godox is going to replace them with the LP750X . So new LP800X batteries may be hard to come by new.

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