Possibly moving to full-frame mirrorless from m4/3’s

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Re: As an ex M43 user

john isaacs wrote:

NCV wrote:

I recently sold all my M43 gear that was getting a bit long in the tooth. I had five or six years good service out of my EM5, which was quite revolutionary when it appeared. I sold all my stuff before Olympus announced their exit from the camera industry.

I tried a demo Z7 at my local dealers and was smitten with this camera. The viewfinder is on an almost optical level and I can work seamlessly with my D810. I found the electronic viewfinder in my EM5 unpleasent and useless even, when I used M43 in tandem with the OVF in my D810.

I had the EM5, and it was revolutionary but highly flawed. The EM5.2 was a vast improvement, and the E-M1.2 is really the camera that makes M43 an all-around system (ergonomics and continuous AF). Selling off your M43 gear on the basis of the limitations of the EM5 just doesn't seem to be a sound decision.

Actually it took me about six months to decide.

It all started when I bought an old D700 and a Nikon 28PC to take my architectural photography forward. There are no M43 shift lenses.

The D700 was soon exchanged at no loss for a D810.

Even with the D700 the files had qualities that my M43 files did not have. I find the M43 files "gritty" compared to the creamy tones of a FF sensor.

I looked at the EM1iii and came to the conclusion that the image quality was much the same in Raw as my old EM5. I had already not upgraded my M43 gear because the IQ improvements with Raw were so small.

I did a hike with a D810 and just a 24-120 lens to see if a FF one lens solution was worth the bother, rather than the M43 I already had. It was I had much more room to PP the files.

When I discovered the Z7 +24-200 weighed much the same as an EM1 +12-100, the decision was easy.

My major issue with the Z7 is the huge delay in auto-review. With my m43 cameras, I can leave review on all of the time. The image is displayed with barely noticeable delay, and a quick tap on the shutter dismissed it if I don't want to scrutinize it. With the Z7, there is a blackout, and delay displaying the image, and slow return to live view. It is so slow, I don't try using it. Which means I have to punch up playback if I want to review the image. Not sure why this is, but it seems like the Z7 hast to write the image out, and then read it back as if you had punched up playback.

I have no problems with this. I review very little. I have the camera set to review the image when I press the review button. It is fast enough for me.

Now that Nikon is releasing the Z7 II, I have no hope that they will fix issues with the Z7.

On the other hand, Olympus has sold off their camera division, and I have no hope that the acquired business will be successful.

I agree, that sadly the future for Olympus camera gear is bleak. I think it is very dishonest that the various "ambassadors" and parts of the photographic "press" are deluding M43 users with hopes of a bright future.

I see from what I have read, and the nature of the new owners, is that this is just a mopping up operation. That new €7000 lens was probably already developed and some manufacturing has been done again by Sigma it seems and is part of the shelf clearance.

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