Would this photo benefit from PL DeepPrime? Topaz suite?

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Re: Would this photo benefit from PL DeepPrime? Topaz suite?

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

I think the answer to you question is yes - the image can be improved using Topaz deNoise AI and sharpening.

The image I am posting here has had both applied to it. Though I did what I usually do on my Canon images - I used a small amount of LR denoising along with capture sharpening on it before I gave it to Topaz. I could have gotten cleaner skin, but then I saw some artifacts on the shirt and wall edges.

But when I also look at the image done in DXO Deep Prime, it is probably better, especially on the skin. But I also found some artifacts on the wall, but those should not bother anybody.

Here is the LR + Topaz

Here is the same image as above, but with the shield removed and the broken wall on the right turned into more of a frame. Both are quick edits in Photoshop to get the idea of how it might look.

The reconstruction of the wall is great!  Since this is a street photo, I'm inclined to leave it as it was - plus I like how the point of the shield above the chess player's head has the same shape as his goatee:-)

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