Should we call the 150-400mm f/4.5 Pro 'Moby Dick'?

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Re: Should we call the 150-400mm f/4.5 Pro 'Moby Dick'?

Danielvr wrote:

In the Four Thirds days, we had the Big Tuna (300mm f/2.8) and its smaller brother, Little Tuna (150mm f/2.0).

And now we have this incredible 150-400mm f/4.5 telephoto zoom lens, which I guess is both a triumph and a tragedy. A triumph of opto-mechanical ingenuity because no lens of its kind (stabilized, portable, hand-holdable 150-500mm reach with great IQ) has ever been made, and a tragedy because it marks Oly's sad farewell from the photo industry.

So, I was wondering if we should call this lens 'Moby Dick', after the whale in Herman Melville's famous novel. Moby Dick was, after all, the largest whale that lived, just like the 150-400mm is Oly's largest lens.

And Moby Dick was white, just like the lens. Finally, Moby Dick was a symbol for the unrelenting pursuit of something unattainable, much like it turned out to be impossible for Oly to establish a viable, mainstream photographic standard even though it gave its all in the pursuit of this dream. Oh, and like the big whale, it will remain out of reach to most of us, too..

There may be more similarities that I haven't thought of. I have considered alternative nicknames, like Moby Zuiko and Oly Dick, but I don't think those would work Any other suggestions?

it’s big but far from the largest Olympus has made, nor does it have the greatest focal length.

It is indeed the largest fish in the Micro Fourthirds bowl though, and while I suspect the Zuiko designers have a romantic or heroic Japanese nickname for it, I doubt it relates to whales or whaling


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