Best lens for D800??

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ColleenOlympus wrote:

Thank you for your reply. In answer to your questions -

The low price is $700AUD
Photography experience - very basic
Budget - I will try to source secondhand, so up to about $2000
Apologies for not replying on the previous thread - I hadn't seen the replies - but this time I have set my settings to be notified when I get any responses.

Camera you asked about - hard pass on the D800 with that many actuations. In Oz, $700-800AUD can get you a low actuation D610. Shooting dancers in low light was mentioned; the D610 has great ISO handling for that and more than enough MP even after cropping.

Lens: Prior replies mention primes between 35 and 85mm. For a beginner (no use of any post production apps) I’d recommend not diving into getting a prime right off the bat. You mentioned to that you now mostly in the 35-50mm FX range. On the cheap, you can find your own sweet spot for primes will you are learning by getting a number of older mid-range zoom lens that are plenty sharp for your purposes and these 2 below are examples that sell between 300-400AUD:

1) Nikon 35-70mm F2.8 AF-D: this was a pro lens in its time and its built like a tank.
2) Nikon 24-85mm G AF-S: Sharp and will get you to the 85mm point

IMO, you are learning and buying expensive lens like the Sigma 50mm ART as your first dive FX lens is like buying a 5000AUD Miele Oven Range when you are learning to cook. Buy a highly capable zoom in the range you believe you need and try it out for a few months. After you gather large sample of your best photos, you can tally up what the best range for a prime lens is.

Post Production App: From the usage youve described, youll need to use one of these apps. The subscription based apps (Lightroom) are more sophisticated - but costly considering an inexpensive and simple standalone app like Adobe Photoshop could work for your needs.

Distortion/Sharpness: I dont think distortion is an issue with the subjects you describe. As a beginner, lack of sharpness can mostly be attributed to improper focus and/or improper settings. Heres a youtube on sharpness/ISO in low light: .  The part about using lower ISO and adjusting in post is important to achieve the sharpness you mentioned.

Sorry to long, but getting a decent inexpensive zoom and a post prod app will save you half your budget while you are learning - after you get good, spend on the prime that you see suits your actual needs.

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